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32' Mac Daddy Gigantic Water Slide

Water Slide Rentals and Inflatable Rentals and Carnival Ride Rentals

32' Mac Daddy Gigantic Water Slide Rentals

Gigantic Water Slide Rentals for Birthday Parties or Church, School and any Corporate Carnival Event!

You need to provide
a water source and a hose
to reach from the faucet to the slide.

32′ Mac Daddy Water Slide Rentals


90’L x 30’W x 32’H


(The widest part is at the stabilizers)


Double Lane Water Slide

You must be 54″ tall to ride

this water slide

Customer Pick Up – Keep it ALL Weekend!

Friday to Monday

This is the most awesome water slide
of them all!
Because our Mac Daddy Water Slide
is enormously tall!
Climb up to the top of our gigantic slide
And get ready for some watery fun!
Take your position-
Start the countdown!
Your water slide race has only begun!
Have you been searching for an
Gigantic Water Slide Rentals near me?
Well, you’ve just found
The best deal on a Water Slide
There ever could be!

Vehicle Requirements

We will NOT load units on roofs or in trunks!
You must have a pick up truck with a big enough bed, a cargo van with no back seats, or a trailer.
(Please clean out vehicles BEFORE you come!)
When rolled up, this water slide requires
a space for 2 PIECES that are EACH
6’L x 5’W x 5’H
PLUS blowers, tarps, extension cords and either spikes or sandbags.
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Customer Pick Up Special

We offer Customer Pick Up Specials on our gigantic water slide rentals!

You get to keep your water slide from Friday to Monday!

You can’t beat the fact that we have so many water slide rentals to choose from at great prices!

Of course, YOU’RE going to have to put work into it to make it happen because inflatables are heavy,

so, get that help lined up to come over on Sunday and have a “Let’s load up the water slides BBQ”

At the warehouse, we’ll do all the loading and unloading, but you WILL need help at your party location.


It’s Time To Beat That Summer Heat!

Talk about a waterslide selection!

Inflatable Specials rents waterslides of all varieties!

So, if you’re having a Luau Party,

then rent a Tropical Water Slide.

Luau Inflatable Rentals

Or if your having a party for toddlers,

then rent a Jr. Combo Waterslide.

The Wild Rapids Waterslide and the Purple Paradise Waterslide go with any theme!

Adults love Slip n Slides or Slide n Splash Style Waterslides

If you want a gigantic water slide rental, then rent this Mac Daddy Waterslide!

And if that isn’t enough then slide around our site to see all the other waterslide rentals we offer!

Church and Corporate Summer Events

Corporate Summer Events and Church VBS

In the summer, Churches either do VBS or just want to have a fun water day for their youth.

Gigantic Water Slide rentals are the perfect answer to your prayers!

Of course, we have many other water slides for rent as well, so we can accommodate all ages.

In the summer, there are also a lot of Corporate Events.

So, why not put White Water right in your corporate parking lot!

No waiting in long lines and your employees and their families stay and play together!

You could even add in a carnival ride to make your event even more exciting!

So, give us a call today, because not only do we have customer pick up specials,

but we also offer delivery of carnival rides, games, and lots more.

(Some conditions apply)

Luau Inflatable Water Slide Rental
Spongebob Inflatables
Baby Shark Sweetheart Jr Combo Water Slide 1

Themed Water Slides

Now, if you really want to rent a water slide but,

you still want it to match the theme of your party,

We offer water slide combos with themed banners that velcro on the front!

Because you know that princesses, dinosaurs, baby sharks,

and even monster trucks love to splash in the water!

Inflatable Specials Loves You

God Bless Y’all and Thank You!

Family Owned and Operated

Inflatable Specials

Would like to extend our appreciation!

And we’ll go the extra mile

Because we want you to have

An awesome celebration!

We would love to talk to you,

So, give us a call!

Have a wonderful day!

And God Bless Y’all!

Have Fun!